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VR360 Bring New Business Opportunities

In 2020, tourism and exhibition were walloped under the COVID-19 epidemic. Of course, Macau is no exception. Like all the industries in Macau, offline to online become the tendency. Alice, the curator of AFA, decided to try to promote VR360 technology as a feasible way to transfer exhibitions from offline to online without affecting the perception of art. And Golding Technology’s VR360 has made it achievable. We used high-resolution scanning that allows the viewer to experience details left by the artist; the HDR shooting also ensured representing the warm and elegant viewing environment in AFA. Now, AFA has the confidence to try its first online virtual exhibition.

“Somniloquence” - Words by Tong Chong
“Somniloquence” – Words by Tong Chong


The Merge of Art and Technology

The science and technology changes rapidly in the 21st century, which has brought an enormous impact on traditional culture and art expressions. New tools and technologies become a new platform and direction for the artist’s creation, allowing their words to spread wider and further. For artists and curators, their most conservation is whether the virtual exhibition can give viewers an excellent artistic experience.

 “Somniloquence” - Words by Tong Chong
The excellent viewing experience is essential to the exhibition.
VR360 makes the artwork more specific
VR360 makes the artwork more specific

Because artworks must show their real color online and have high requirements for the surrounding light environment, which is a big difficulty in the high-contrast lighting environment. Golding Technology accepted this new challenge. To solve this difficulty, our team collected different light data on-site to enhance targeted post-processing.

 “Somniloquence” - Words by Tong Chong
VR360 can effectively restore true color
 “Somniloquence” - Words
Added label features

We have also added an auto-playback function of recommended routes, which act like a guide-interpreter. In summary, the online exhibition using VR360 technology has a better performance than the traditional picture-based online exhibition in terms of scene restoration and viewing experience.

A Gallery for the World

The online exhibition we launched in cooperation with AFA breaks the boundaries of time and space. No matter when and where the viewers are, the VR360 technology can ensure every viewer experience the artwork to the fullest. Every detail left by the artist and the elegant viewing environment behind the monitor can be well experienced. This exhibition can last forever on the internet. 

Thanks to the bold innovation of AFA and Golding technology, it has led to a new successful attempt at the online exhibition of Macau, and the number of viewers seeking to visit the exhibition during the epidemic has not decreased but rapidly increased.

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