Golding Technology Limited
Speed Optimization

The website response speed should be within 0.5-3 seconds as far as possible. If the website speed is slow, the search engine will lower the website score and affect the keyword ranking. We find the problems through automation analysis of data. You can also use CDN(Content Delivery Network), AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) and other technologies to improve the users’ experience and enterprise rankings.

Sales Strategy

Through the data, you can understand your customers better and analyze and track your competitors. We will provide a set of marketing strategies customized according to customers’ needs. With utilization of keywords, our attention is to write valuable article, lengthen the time when users are watching on the website, increase the conversion rate, and create a brand image in the meantime. Further, you wish that customers can visit you actively for business, instead of you visit the customers.

Website Engineering

Google, Yahoo and other search engines provide various HTML rules, which are SEO practices at the technical level such as how to optimize URL links, design Breadcrumb menus, add Internal links to internal pages, add internal links to your contents, optimize the frame of the website and reduce the search ranking caused by website program errors.

Professional Case
"The Trip Addict"
"The Trip Addict" was established in 2014. Up to now, it has nearly 60,000 Facebook subscribers and has become a travel platform that is well-known for Macao’s families. When the company is thinking about how to expand the business, the company hopes to attract more flow to the website, besides Facebook Channel. With Golding's help, the website's First Meaningful Paint accelerated the flow by 300%, and Google's rating was adjusted to level A.
Navstory is an online media that runs by history and literature lovers. The website uses AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology to short the page loading time and make the response time be less than 0.5s, which makes the ranking of the website be improved for several rankings and causes a surge increase in the number of users.
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