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Virtual online Exhibition- Macao Museum
The Macao Museum under the Cultural Affairs Bureau launched a new version of its official website in early 2021, which includes a virtual exhibition and a 720-degree display of selected collections, and contains about 300 collections.
VR 360 for Real Estate|High Conversion Rate in Real Estate|Haoliwoo|Waterfront Duet
Haoliwoo used VR 360 for real estate, and “Waterfront Duet” is their first try, and the result is remarkable. It shows that people prefer to have the VR 360 then the usual 2D photos in real estate industry.
Universal Gallery & Bookstore in Casas – Museu da Taipa: the harmony and integration of history, art and bookstore
There is a nearly 100-year-old "Casa Criativa" (1921) beside the Lotus Pond in Casas - Museu da Taipa, which is a "Universal Gallery & Bookstore". A space where nature, culture and art are balanced. How can it combine with technology, VR, and 3D?
Golding Technology and 4DAGE Technology Signing Cooperation Agreement at 25th MIF
The 25th MIF held at the Venetian Macao Expo Hall on October 23rd, Golding Technology and 4DAGE Technology, the Sino-German Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, jointly signed a cooperation agreement.
AFA (Art For All Society)’s Virtual Exhibition
Under the COVID-19 epidemic, social isolation has become normal for Macanese. Although the reduction of tourists has caused a significant impact on the exhibition industry, some innovative companies see it as an opportunity to pursue breakthroughs.
The Mystery of WeChat Public Account Types
"No matter how small an individual is, one has the own brand." The mystery of WeChat Public Account Types would be introduced in this essay.
Easily Apply WeChat Public Accounts in Three Steps
O Overseas companies can also establish their own WeChat public account (service number). Today, we will take a look at how to apply for specific needs.
Interior Designer’s Marketing Tool VR360
Interior designers are a group of professionals who value details, feelings and atmosphere. Their depth of thought far exceeds the work itself.
3D Igreja de São Domingos, the most authentic restoration records
The Rose Church was founded in 1587 by the Santo Domingo Association (Dao Minghui). Recently, the restoration was completed in January 2020 this year, and after the restoration of the ghost "Lu Zongning builder" was completed, the project of 3D scanning and cultural relics recording was performed at the most beautiful moment of the church. Another highlight of the project is that the entire production team 100 % Are made up of Macau people!
For Exhibition Moments, VR360 Helps Remain Permanently
Traditionally, "exhibition" is limited to the day of the exhibition. The hard work of the curators and exhibitors ended perfectly after the exhibition. The influence of the exhibition will continue to weaken with the passage of time, and it cannot form a sustained and effective propaganda force.
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