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Brief Introduction to Application of 3D Scanning Technology

With 3D scanning technology, we can obtain the space data such as color, shape, material structure and others of objects. Through the utilization of data, we can create 3D models. In addition to being used as 3D animation design, we can also combine with 3D printing technology to carry out mass production of objects, which can save manpower and material resources and time costs.

金鼎擁有專業的技術及最優秀的項目管理團隊,為你省去繁瑣複雜的3D 建模工序,便捷獲取實物模型的三維數據,無論是物件掃描還是空間掃描,我們致力高精細度的製作,表現細節,令你每一個要求,都能表現出最佳效果!
With 3D scanning technology, we can obtain the relevant data of real objects. Further, we can use the data to make 3D models.
Igreja de São Domingos Model: Statue and Historical Wall

One of the sculpture models in Igreja de São Domingos

3D scanning with the utilization of AI technology to collect data so as to estimate the debris features of objects or antiques, the program puts pieces of debris together by the computer concept plan, images original appearance or structure of debris, and estimates their original placements of debris. At the same time, due to its non-contact working mode, the collection process will not cause secondary contact damage to the objects or antiques themselves, and high-resolution imaging will also make the later processing and splicing more accurate and perfect, and quickly restore the objects or antiques. It can save manpower and material resources, objects or antiques preservation and filing costs.


Historical Wall Model in Igreja de São Domingos

In the future, AI can be applied to the restoration of antiques, navigation, intelligent identification of ancient books and documents and ancient paintings, etc. And AI will become more and more intelligent, which will bring new experiences to the audience and have more real viewing and interactive experiences. At the same time of the impact and subversion of science and technology on tradition, science and technology itself has practical significance for the inheritance and development of civilization.


In addition to being applied in the field of antique restoration, 3D scanning technology can also be combined with VR360 technology and unmanned aerial vehicle shooting technology to be applied in various industries such as sales, MICE, art exhibition and other industries to provide innovative solutions for customers.