Golding Technology Limited
Object Kinds

The difference of varieties of objects can be classified by the AI in a second. In the meantime, with the automatic mechanical equipment, a pile of different kinds of objects can be classified accordingly. Therefore, the working efficiency can be improved, and the AI can be used in the production department, service department, and so on.

Test of Defective Products

Even with the same type of objects, AI can still find the differences between them and help you select defective products out. And this function can be used in the production line, quality inspection department, medical test, and so on.

OCR Text Identification

AI can automatically extract text messages from images, including bills, cards, license plate identification, etc. Even under extremely difficult conditions such as strong illumination, large side angle and blurring, the key messages of text contents can be accurately identified. And this function can be used in commercial office, paper media, license plate or container number identification, etc.

Professional Case
Tumor Check in a Hospital in Hong Kong
All the time, professional pathologists spent much time on carefully observing lots of medical tests and diagnoses. But now, as long as through using AI, tests and diagnoses can be completed quickly and efficiently, and this function can be widely used in nursing or medical early warning. And the hepatitis B liver tumors can be diagnosed by robots who was trained by Golding Technology Co., Ltd. and a hospital in Hong Kong with existing in-depth learning algorithms. Our aim is to shorten this important work to a few seconds, reduce the burden on experts, and improve the test efficiency and accuracy.
Research on Macao Transportation Flow
Combined with the big data, Golding sets machines to identity buses, trucks, five-seat cars, seven-seat cars, motorcycles and other transportation tools and count the number of each kind of vehicles through the utilization of AI, which the accuracy rate reaches to 98%. Therefore, this function provides the data support for some departments to formulate better transportation policies.