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Golding Technology and 4DAGE Technology Signing Cooperation Agreement at 25th MIF. The signing ceremony between Golding Technology and 4DAGE Technology, the Sino-German Institute of Artificial Intelligence was grandly held at the Venetian Macao Expo Hall on October 23. Golding Technology co-founder Oscar Wong and 4DAGE Technology Representative Lion Wu attended the ceremony. At the signing site, we witnessed and carried out the signing ceremony together.金鼎科技有限公司與中德人工智能研究院四維時代科技的簽署合作協議 澳門MIF

The Co-funder of Golding Technology Oscar Wong was interviewed by the Medias

The key cooperation between the two parties in the future will focus on virtual museums and 3D technology. Oscar Wong, co-founder of Golding Technology, said that the company will focus on virtual museums in the future. As a local technology company in Macau, they hope the world can see Macau. At the same time, they also said that 4DAGE is a mature company with leading virtual-Reality technology, and has cooperated with more than 100 museums, including the Palace Museum in Beijing. In this way, Macau’s world heritage can be known to more people.金鼎科技有限公司與中德人工智能研究院四維時代科技的簽署合作協議 澳門MIF

Golding Technology and 4DAGE Technology Signing Cooperation Agreement at 25th MIF

Representative of 4DAGE Technology Lion Wu said, the cooperation will allow Macau’s virtual museum to show up to the world stage. On the other hand, as a window to Portuguese-speaking countries, this signing can also promote cooperation with other Portuguese-speaking countries. Both parties believe that the future cooperation will be very pleasant, and more and more people will understand and participate in the development of virtual museums.金鼎科技有限公司與中德人工智能研究院四維時代科技的簽署合作協議 澳門MIF

Representative of 4DAGE Lion Wu was interviewed by the Medias

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