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During the conversation with Ruby, the founder of Universal Gallery & Bookstore, she said  she was influenced by art since she was a child. She once studied in Portugal and deeply felt the unique culture of the blending of East and West in Macau. In recent years, Macao has been developing rapidly. She hopes to share a pure land of soul, art, and books in the tense daily life to people. As a result, she established the “Universal Gallery & Bookstore-Universal” in Casa Criativa, Casas – Museu da Taipa in early 2019.龍環葡韻|萬象書店|金鼎科技|線上旅遊|VR360|線上景點|金光大道|澳門旅遊


In the past, there has exhibited the works of many famous artists, including Liao Wenchang, Luo Wanyi, Li Xiaojie, Gan Changling, Gu Yue and so on. At the same time, Universal Gallery & Bookstore encourages fresh creation and provides the lowest cost exhibition space for new creators and artists. It has also cooperated with art students from universities to organize a number of exhibitions of works.龍環葡韻|萬象書店|金鼎科技|線上旅遊|VR360|線上景點|金光大道|澳門旅遊


Here you can find humanities and social sciences, history and current affairs, art design, children’s books and local publications in Macao, etc., mainly published in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The reading area is equipped with comfortable combs, which allows you and your children to spend fun reading time together.龍環葡韻|萬象書店|金鼎科技|線上旅遊|VR360|線上景點|金光大道|澳門旅遊

Cultural creation, art derivatives

There are also many special artworks in the cultural and creative area, including artistic micro-spraying, decorative paintings and local cultural and creative products. And there is a genuine authorized painting core, which is mounted by a British art trade union certified framer.龍環葡韻|萬象書店|金鼎科技|線上旅遊|VR360|線上景點|金光大道|澳門旅遊

There are also postcards of works by local painters, including “Meet”- a tourist souvenir designed with the theme of Macao’s colorful heritage buildings and cultural festivals; “8 Bit”-the assembly of very small checkered building blocks into landmarks of Macao and Publications of the Macao Arts Society.

This ancient space is very interesting. We discussed together with Ruby, tried to use the VR360 method to record every detail of the unique space here, and filmed the entire Casa Criativa.龍環葡韻|萬象書店|金鼎科技|線上旅遊|VR360|線上景點|金光大道|澳門旅遊


Peter and Ruby hoped that this space shooting would not only attract literati who like art and paintings and reading books, but also allow tourists who like to travel to experience the beauty of Casas – Museu da Taipa, and the Cotai Strip through the Internet.

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