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金鼎科技-VR 遊博物館 更好的遊覽體驗
Golding Technology-VR Touring Museum, Better Touring Experience

The first floor of the exhibition

Introduction of the respective development history of Chinese and Western culture before the Portuguese arrived in Macau in the 16th century; the early history of Macau; the contacts between the Chinese and Portuguese in Macau’s trade, religion and culture; and after that Macau culture gradually formed during the hundreds of years.

The second floor of the exhibition

It displays the traditional culture and folk art of Macau from different sides, and reproduces the scenes of the daily life of the people of Macau in the past, especially the leisure and entertainment, religious ceremonies and folk celebrations.

The third floor of the exhibition

It showcases the city of today and the characteristics of city life in Macau, and introduces literary works and artworks based on Macau.

3D museum tour-a comprehensive view of cultural relics

The Macau Museum is one of the most visited museums in Macau, and the number of visitors continues to hit new highs. During the Lunar New Year in 2019, the number of visitors to the Macau Museum on a single day on the third day of the Lunar New Year alone has reached 9,498, reflecting the keen interest of tourists and citizens in the museum. The authorities also hope that visitors and citizens can deepen their knowledge and understanding of Macau’s history and culture through visiting the museum.

Every time you visit a museum, have you ever wondered: What is the back and bottom of this collection? From other angles, can other different patterns be seen, or can they have different interpretation meanings?

You can find more than visiting the scene-"go wherever you want to go "

You can freely visit permanent exhibitions with different themes in different areas of the museum anytime, anywhere. The museum can regularly plan non-themed visit routes for tourists, so that the audience can more intuitively understand the different connections between the collections.

In addition, due to the protection of the collection, many places in the museum cannot be visited up close, and viewers often have to step back beyond the “police line” to see the collection.

Visitors can “go where you want to go,” and they can see more, and more carefully than when they visit the scene in person.


The application of VR 360 in the museum not only allows the audience to have an immersive experience online, but also plays a role in protecting the collection. More importantly, through technology, we bring a new sense of interactive experience to the public, so that they can observe and understand precious history and collections in all directions, and also enable our next generation to become interested in history and collections, and inherit our history and culture. This is what Golding Technology hopes to make for cultural diffusion.


However, overtoursim, on the one hand, will affect the visit experience; on the other hand, it will increase the maintenance cost of the museum. Therefore, the authorities hope to use the high-tech means of virtual reality so that visitors can visit the Macao Museum and experience the historical and cultural charm of Macao through a computer or mobile phone screen with just a fingertip.


The website of the Museum of Macau ( has four languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese and English. More interactive elements have been added, including a virtual exhibition hall and a 720-degree display of selected collections. Citizens and overseas audiences visiting the pavilion can also conduct “online 3D viewing exhibition” through the new website.

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